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Mike Edelhart

Managing Partner

Mike has been active in technology journalism, product testing, startups, and venture capital for four decades. In the 1980s, Mike helped found PC Magazine, PC Week, and other Ziff-Davis computer magazines, oversaw the Ziff product testing labs, and later was Ziff's Executive Vice President. At SoftBank, he directed content for the Seybold, Interop, and Comdex conferences and supported early investment activities. Mike has been CEO at many startups, including Olive Software, Inman News, and Zinio. In the early 2000s, Mike was a partner at Redleaf, a corporately-backed multi-stage VC fund. Mike has consulted for Bloomberg, Reuters, and AARP, authored more than 20 books, and currently hosts Inception, a podcast about how startups are created, funded, and ultimately, win. He is located in San Francisco.