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Arjun Arora

Managing Partner, Format One

Arjun is the founder of and advisor for Format One. Arjun advises funds, startups, and Fortune 100 companies. He enjoys assisting startups in Silicon Valley with strategic planning, monetization, and funding. A partial list of advisees includes Qualio, Betterleap, Catch+Release, Vela, FLYR, Brassica, KYC Hospitality, Nike Valiant Labs, House Fund, and Streamlined Ventures. Arjun was a Partner at 500 Startups, founder and CEO of ReTargeter (acquired by Sellpoints in 2015), and head of business development at Yahoo! Real Estate. He has spoken about entrepreneurship internationally and was recognized at the White House, the United Nations, and the Global Summit for Entrepreneurship. He also holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science/Entrepreneurship and Technology from UC Berkeley.