Joyance Partners
Lab Projects

Who We Are 

Joyance Partners is a $20M venture capital partnership that invests in companies with the capacity to deliver, or contribute to the delivery of, Delightful Moments. We are the first venture fund focused purely on individual, personal experience, rather than today’s medical industrial complex. We are a highly data-driven and science-driven fund. 

While we see the value in helping doctors and clinics, health plans and hospitals, we see far greater long-term human impact and value in the generation of technologies that will replace today’s symptom-centric approach, with something more personal, more preventative, more predictive and dramatically more powerful. 

Where We Focus 

We invest in companies that create “Delightful Moments”: the small, but powerful, separations from the daily humdrum when we feel stronger, calmer, more joyful, more in control, and more distant from pain and anxiety. We seek to improve human life through improving health and happiness in the most daily, ordinary, yet profound, ways. 

The companies in our portfolio use innovative new technologies to deliver these experiences. They range from evolving the human organism (genetics, neurosciences), to engineering new forms of human chemistry (personal pharma), to enhancing the most engaging aspects of human experience (virtual and augmented reality). 

Why Lab Projects 

Our many years of investment experience have led us to recognize the huge potential of projects happening at universities and research institutes. Scientists with great ambition and deep domain expertise are rarely able to find the right resources to support their transition into entrepreneurs. Our Joyance Partners “Lab Projects” help translate lab-based ideas into business-based reality. 

How We Can Help 

  • Initial Funding: We provide the seed funding for the essentials to help you jump start your company, whether you want to hire an FDA consultant, purchase a piece of equipment, or receive legal help. 

  • Startup Ecosystem: With our sister fund Social Starts, our team has co-invested with hundreds of other VCs in more than 200 startups. We can provide valuable support and are happy to make intros throughout our robust network. 

  • Strategic Sales: Founding Partner William Lohse and Managing Partner Mike Edelhart have deep backgrounds in strategic sales. We can help with thinking through go-to-market offers, sales team development and market product fit. We host comprehensive, full-day sales trainings twice a year for all our portfolios companies, and provide individual guidance upon request. 

  • Global Connections: We are a truly global team with members located in North America (United States), Asia (Japan), and Europe (London). We can help you connect with markets, talents, investment and operating capabilities down the road. 

Contact Us 

Interested in becoming a Joyance Partners Lab Project? Email your pitch deck or business plan to our lead lab partner Jun.