Senior Product Manager @ Turing

Turing is a venture-backed company in the blockchain space. We previously led research at some of the top digital currency publications in the world and have worked with several companies building blockchain-based protocols in areas as diverse as gaming, finance and geolocation.

We’re developing a protocol of our own and looking for a senior product manager who has an insatiable curiosity towards blockchain technology. The protocol will allow musicians and influencers to issue their own blockchain-based currencies. We plan to launch later this year with a small set of artists.  

While we don’t require you to have direct experience in the blockchain space or the music industry, we’re looking for someone who can pick up the core concepts quickly and think through hundreds of possible features to find which ones are essential for the product to be successful.

Join our team with individuals from CoinDesk, Smith+Crown and the Ethereum Foundation

11 things we love about you:

  • You get people from across the company to unite behind your vision and passion for the product
  • You have a strong sense of customer empathy and can create the framework for customer interviews within the first 30 days
  • You can identify the product requirements and write a product spec within the first 30 days
  • You take responsibility for the success of the product and don’t make excuses
  • You create clear deliverables, FAQs, re-usable annotated presentations, user stories and release plans for the product team and company at large
  • You are able to make the call when the project is ready enough to ship
  • You are the person that summarizes notes after a long meeting
  • You can be pretty ruthless with deciding what tasks need to make it into the next sprint or feature release
  • You measure yourself in terms of the success of the product and can devise a winning plan
  • You are comfortable standing in front of a customer or room full of peers to give your opinion present the product
  • You are an entrepreneur at heart and passionate about building

We’re looking for someone who’s willing to take risks and make a big impact while building product best practices within the company. Beyond product discovery, definition and shipping, you may be responsible for marketing, support, and potentially selling the product to customers.

As our first product hire, you’ll be conceiving and driving ideas of your own. You are the voice of the customer in product conversations and architecting the vision for the product strategy. We’re counting on you to identify and own the right requirements for the product as well as the course the product will take over time. We need you to have the technical aptitude and experience to work closely with engineers and evaluate different approaches to implementing product features.

We’re looking for someone with an ability to share thoughts relentlessly and frequently. We see this as the best way to cross-pollinate ideas and spark innovation. An ideal background is someone who’s been a PM at a fintech or consumer tech company and looking to move into the blockchain space.

We’d like you to send over early product specifications that you’ve written, or any whitepapers or strategic documents you’ve developed from past projects if possible. This role requires someone who is customer-centric, extremely organized, data-driven and thrives on solving hard problems.  

Preferred qualifications and experience:

  • 3+ years of experience managing and producing digital products that you are proud to represent
  • Experience taking ideas from conception to release for both mobile and web products
  • Experience prototyping with Sketch, Balsamiq, Invision etc.
  • Experience integrating usability studies and market analysis into product specs
  • Experience with reporting and analytics software
  • Experience with A/B multivariate testing
  • Capable of performing complex data analysis
  • An innate ability to simplify complex concepts through design and logic
  • Clear and concise verbal and written communication
  • Superb organization and time management
  • Closely involved in the launch of a mobile app
  • Meticulous attention to detail and a great eye for product design
  • Lives in NY (Tri-state area) or willing to relocate to New York for this opportunity

Nice to have / Bonus:

  • Experience coaching or mentoring product managers on best practices
  • A cursory understanding of blockchain technology

If interested, please contact Bradley Miles at