Press Release: Happiness-Focused Venture Capital Fund Announces New Partners


London, UK, July 25, 2019 -- Joyance Partners, a venture capital partnership that invests in companies that deliver, or contribute to the delivery of, Delightful Moments, announced today the addition of  Principal Neha Tanna, Venture Partner Julius Bachmann, and Venture Partner Julien Tizot to its European team.

Neha received her medical degree from Imperial College and holds an MBA from London Business School, where she developed a passion for working alongside entrepreneurs and startups. She is also an angel investor and has served in an advisory capacity to several European accelerators and VCs in the healthcare space, and most recently with a global venture builder with a focus on early-stage tech companies.

“Joyance is approaching this dynamic and growing industry with exactly the right vision, and I couldn’t be more honoured to be part of such a distinguished and talented team,” said Neha. “The combination of global reach, true scientific diligence, and experienced investors with the agility of startup mentality makes this a unique powerhouse that will be invaluable for entrepreneurs and startups. I can’t wait to go out to find and support them to change the face of science and technology in the space of health and happiness.”

Julius is a startup coach, venture capital advisor, and musician based in Berlin. He supports entrepreneurs around Europe in matters regarding organizational development, finance, and fundraising. Prior, Julius worked as a venture capital investor and corporate venture consultant in London and Berlin, and served as a VC expert to the European Commission on its Horizon 2020 program. He holds a Masters degree in Management from London Business School.

“I believe there is a tremendous opportunity to back teams in health and happiness at this early stage, where institutional investors are still rare and round sizes might exceed the wallets of individual angels,” said Julius. “Not only that, but Joyance can bring the full power of a worldwide fund - with team and investments in the US, Asia and now Europe - to the earlier stages of startups lifecycle; we can be uniquely helpful to the companies we invest in.”

Julien is a Senior Partner and CIO Europe for Forepont Capital Partners, a life science and biotech VC fund. He has worked in France, Switzerland and on both coasts of the US, giving him a deep understanding of the cultural differences and how to bridge them. Julien has an MBA from both London and Columbia Business Schools, as well as an MSc in Finance from St. Mary’s College of California and an engineering degree in Statistics from Aix-Marseille University.

“I am absolutely delighted to join this great international team that approaches the VC European market with the most efficient investment thesis I have ever seen, bridging both the financial as well as the culture gap,” said Julien. “France is one of the most dynamic countries worldwide for entrepreneurs, with a fantastic pool of talented individuals we are looking at backing early and helping grow along the way to become the champions of tomorrow.”

"Neha, Julius, and Julien are terrific, and we are lucky and honored to have them. They bring a unique combination of entrepreneurial, medical, pharma and investment expertise to the table,” said Paolo Pio, Managing Director of Joyance Europe. "They are invaluable additions to our diverse and talented team. We couldn’t be happier to welcome them on board."  

Since its founding in 2017, Joyance has made over 50 investments. As the first venture fund centered on individual, personal experience, rather than today’s medical-industrial complex, Joyance sees great long-term human impact and value in the generation of technologies that will replace today’s syndrome-centric approach with something more personal, more preventative, more predictive, and dramatically more powerful. 

About Joyance Partners:
Joyance Partners is a $20M venture capital fund focused on emerging technologies that can help individuals feel happier, healthier, calmer, more confident, and less anxious or subject to pain. Joyance Partners is directed by Managing Partner Mike Edelhart and Founding Partner William Lohse, who also oversee the Social Starts venture capital partnership funds.