Joining Joyance Partners as a Venture Partner

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After learning the ropes of venture capital at, Earlybird and Redstone, I recently joined Joyance Partners as a venture partner for the German-speaking market alongside my advisor and coaching activities.

Joyance Partners is a $23M venture capital partnership that invests in companies with the capacity to deliver, or contribute to the delivery of, Delightful Moments. By investing in the emerging science of happiness, Joyance Partners is the first venture fund focused on the individual health experience, not health processes.

After years of practising meditation and decades of creating and performing joyful moments as a musician, I am excited to work alongside Paolo Pio, Neha Tanna, Mike Edelhart and William Lohse to foster the proliferation of delightful moments through a venture practice. We will write pre-seed and seed tickets of €50K to €200K to support teams across Europe. At the time of writing, we are closing four deals in France, Spain, and Great Britain. I believe there is a tremendous opportunity to back teams in health and happiness at this early stage where institutional investors are still rare and round sizes might exceed the wallets of individual angels. Not only that, but Joyance can bring the full power of a worldwide fund--with team and investments in the US and Asia--to this early stage; we can be uniquely helpful to the companies we invest in.

Joyance Partners takes a long-term view on how emerging science will develop and deliver Delightful Moments. We recognize how nascent the new cycle of Health and Happiness is, and so accept that we are likely to see many twists and turns as technology advances and world society continues its seemingly inexorable digital transformation.

Please check out a run-down of our investment focus here. We will examine our progress every six months and adjust our direction based on all the available information we can glean on where to find the greatest technology and biology development in:

  • Life Sciences

  • Consumer Products

  • Immersive Experience and Voice

  • Market-based Education

Are you building a company that is delivering or contributing to delightful moments - or do you know someone who does? Please reach out at!

By Venture Partner Julius Bachmann