Social Starts/Joyance Partners Holiday Gift Guide

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Photo by Caley Dimmock on Unsplash

‘Tis the season to be shopping – that hectic time each year when we drain our brains to find the perfect, unique gifts for all the perfect, unique people in our lives.

Wrack your brain no further! Our diverse portfolio of remarkable young companies has the gifts sure to satisfy everyone from your best friend’s toddler to your go-getting grandmother, from your health-conscious coworker to your fashion-forward nephew. These innovative goods are guaranteed to surprise and delight.

Fresh Fashion
Naadam makes beautiful, affordable cashmere clothing, from classic-cut sweaters to luxurious scarves and gloves. Naadam sources its wool straight from the nomadic herders of Mongolia, and all its products are created using clean energy and zero toxic chemicals.

Andie’s swimwear is taking the pain out of shopping for bathing suits. Developed by women, for women, Andie strives to match each client with her ideal suit, providing a free personalized online consultation, free shipping, and free exchanges.

Wolf & Shepherd’s dress shoes are scientifically structured to be as comfortable as high-performance sneakers. Dreamed up by Adidas’s former chief designer, their products maintain the style and elegance of classic Italian footwear while providing all-day comfort and support. W&S’s founder even ran with the bulls in Pamplona—in dress shoes—to prove it!

Pistol Lake’s “ultra-functional apparel for minimalists” is made with ethical manufacturing and custom-kit recycled fabrics. Their clothes line, manufactured in LA, ranges from classy crewcut tees to super comfy gym shorts.

Bold Beauty
Hush’s collection of beauty products has something for every taste. They offer diverse, extensive options from popular brands at dramatically low costs, and their free online video series provides fun tutorials on how to use all the products to be your best self.

Loli is the first zero-waste beauty company. Loli upcycles its ingredients, uses a 100% waterless formulation process, and all its packaging is either reusable or compostable. They also provide an impressive variety of self-mixable ingredients, so you can completely personalize your beautification experience.

Cool Stuff for Kids
Smilo’s baby products are all designed by parents who double as doctors, scientists, and engineers. They offer everything from pacifiers to baby loungers, tested by experts to please infants and adults alike.

Perfect Petcare
Playdate’s remote-controlled AI ball allows you to play remotely with your pet from anywhere with internet access. A wide-angle camera, microphone, and speaker creates a completely interactive experience. The ball actually learns your dog (or cat)’s play style and adapts to your Fido (or Fluffy).

Happiness at Home
Copper Cow Coffee offers a unique selection of sustainably sourced Vietnamese coffee pour-over kits. These super-convenient kits are perfect for starting your day no matter where you are - in your kitchen, your office, or by a campfire in the middle of the woods.

Wynd’s smart air purifier senses dust, allergens, smoke, and pollution, then removes them from the air around you, enabling you to breathe clean air wherever you go. Its tracking system then records air quality data, empowering you to always be aware of the air health in your area.

Burrow’s couches are all completely customizable, take just ten minutes to assemble, include a built-in USB charger (because furniture always blocks the wall outlet), and are delivered directly to you. Already satisfied with your sofa situation? They also have a great selection of pillows and throws!

Mycroft is the first open-source voice assistant. Built to be used by anyone with any level of technical expertise, Mycroft runs anywhere, from a desktop computer to inside your car, and includes state-of-the-art features like array microphones, beam-forming, and active noise cancellation. Get all the benefits of voice computing, free from any corporate giants.

Boxed delivers bulk products for the best prices. With a huge selection from all the most popular brands, Boxed is your go-to for the holiday essentials!

Hip New Health Products
Embr Labs’ Wave bracelet acts as a personal thermostat. Developed by MIT scientists, Embr Wave taps into your thermoreceptors to deliver soothing sensations that make you feel cooler or warmer in minutes, so you can be comfortable no matter where you are.

Unbound’s “sexual lifestyle goods” make sexual well-being accessible to all women. Their line of high quality vibrators, lubricants, and accessories challenges the paradigm that women’s pleasure belongs in the shadows, not the light, and is revolutionizing the sex toy industry.

Thryve creates probiotic supplements that are personalized to your gut biome to optimize your health. Their state-of-the-art gut test explores your microbiome and provides specific food recommendations tailored to your needs.

UnaliWears Kanega Watch is a discreet, personalized and stylish way to  provide voice-controlled support for seniors. With AI-driven falls assistance, medication reminders, and guide-me-home assistance, the Kanega empowers an aging person to stay safe, independent and active.

By Director of Marketing Nicole Staudinger