About Us


Joyance Partners is a venture capital partnership that invests in companies with the capacity to deliver, or contribute to the delivery of, Delightful Moments.

Delightful Moments are part of all human experience. They are the small, but powerful, separations from the daily humdrum. They are the moments when we feel a bit stronger, calmer, more joyful, more in control, and more in tune with the greater universe. MEDITATION. MASSAGE. ENDORPHINS. THE SMELL OF VANILLA. THE COOL OF JAZZ. THE TRANSCENDENCE OF OPERA. THE TASTE OF CHOCOLATE AND FINE WINE. These are all traditional sources for Delightful Moments.

Now, a range of new technologies has the potential to deliver these experiences. Science can help individuals be a bit happier, which can lead to greater health. Or a little healthier, which can lead to greater potential for happiness. It is a new, transformative cycle of human experience. The new science of health and happiness ranges from transforming the human organism (genetics, neuroscience, bioscience), to creating new forms of human chemistry (personal pharma, the microbiome), to reading, understanding or altering our minds (neuroscience) to expanding changing human experience rather than the body (virtual and augmented reality), and even to altering what we eat and drink (next generation food) and how we interact with one another (emergent community).These new areas of science constitute powerful technology Vectors of Happiness.

Joyance Partners takes a long-term view on how emerging science will develop and deliver Delightful Moments. We recognize how nascent the new cycle of Health and Happiness is, and so accept that we are likely to see many twists and turns as technology advances and world society continues its seemingly inexorable digital transformation.


We have five Areas of Investment Focus. We will examine our progress in each of these areas every six months and adjust them based on all the available information we can glean on where to find the greatest technology and biology development in:


This covers a broad swath focused on solutions emerging from biology—the body; and neuroscience—the brain.

1.  Neuroscience and Neurotech

Neuroscience: Molecular approaches to treat:

  • Mental disorders such as depression, anxiety or improve cognitive behavior 

  • Neuronal degeneration diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases

  • Emerging applications as obesity and pain


  • Neuromodulation

  • Neuroprosthetics 

  • Neurosensing

2.  Precision Health

  • At-home diagnostic and surveillance device  

  • Novel bio-sensors

  • Genomic analytics (both germ-line and somatic mutations)

  • Microbiome 

 3.  AI/AR/VR in Health

AI in health

  • As a device for diagnostic and monitoring tools

  • For drug discovery

  • To manage clinical trials

  • In patient care and monitoring

AR/VR in health

  • Therapeutics for cognitive disorders

  • Assessment

  • Eye disease alteration

  • Medical training 

 4.  Longevity

  • Pharmaceutical solutions such as senolytics

  • Dietary solutions

  • Early diagnostic tools

  • Patient monitoring tools

  • IoT/sensors/ robotics that improve care efficiency

  • Insure tech

 5.  Femtech

  • Fertility solutions

  • At-home fertility monitoring devices

  • Pregnancy and nursing care

  • General women’s healthcare

  • Women’s sexual wellness

  • Menopause management

  • Communities that support young women under stress


We focus only on Digitally Native Brands with the greatest potential to intersect the health/happiness continuum. In those categories we look for these characteristics:

Solutions that deliver a generational opportunity to invest in a massive shift in global consumption habits.  The Internet has disintermediated everything about consumer goods; from access to raw materials to direct communication with consumers. This new paradigm, combined with a lack of need for early adapters, provides companies with opportunities to quickly grow revenues. There will be many great companies created, but many won’t be 10x venture opportunities. The massive winners will be across all categories and be global, omnichannel brands.

The solutions/products we seek are/have:

  • Sold online primarily; omnichannel is recognized as an inflection point at the Series A

  • The opportunity to be micro-manufactured and ship well; preferably, but not always, using new tech materials

  • A type of product design or economics not feasible in the traditional channel

  • High customer lifetime value

  • High gross margins

  • Strong propensity to be shared via social Media OR garner earned media

  • Product timelessness; not subject to fast or seasonal product shifts

The categories we believe have the greatest health and happiness potential are:

  • Cosmetics/Anti-aging (ties to Longevity), with an emphasis on lab grown cosmetics

  • Food, with special focus on DNA and biome-based nutrition; lab grown foods

  • High consumption beverages, most prominently: water; with a high focus on innovation in coffee and tea

  • Supplements/Vitamins; only where derived from deep science and where personalization is front and center

  • Sexual Wellness/Contraception (ties to FemTech), a natural arena where the brain and body combine to provide joy.

  • Baby Care, including both services and physical goods

  • Pet Products, with special emphasis on next-generation pet nutrition

In addition to the products/services themselves, we will actively seek Community, Manufacturing and Distribution Services for these categories. How do any of these science-based, personalized products get to their market? How are the customer relationships reinforced?


We continue to see value in content, but only from certain angles and tied to non-ad-driven business models. The greatest content opportunity we see on the near horizon is E-sports. We also see great value in platforms and tools for video streaming on mobile. We believe we near a tipping point for audio interfaces, especially audio search. We continue to see potential in VR/AR, but primarily tied to health and training in the near-term.

Our focus areas for 2019 are:

  • E-sports

  • Streaming platforms and tools for mobile

  • Audio interfaces; special focus on audio search and underlying AIs

  • VR/AR as they impact education and health


We are not investors in traditional education. However, we see a confluence of trends from our current investments that moves education in a direction with investment potential for us. Specifically, we will focus on:

  • Alternatives to the traditional education constructs (pre-K-12, post-secondary, trade schools) and personalized learning (continuing, additive K-12 learning, post-secondary, and pre-secondary). Special focus on innovative, low-cost or no-cost to student business models

  • Education for acquisition of skills and experiences to improve employability

  • Game dynamics applied to education and training

  • VR/AR for education and training; particularly job skills acquisition


We see three fundaments for Delightful Moments:

  1. Choice. A Delightful Moment must be something an individual chooses.

  2. Change. A Delightful Moment brings about a notable change of state, in either the person or the person’s context. It is an experience separate from the norm.

  3. Coherence. A Delightful Moment must be coherent, with a distinct beginning, middle and end. It is of a piece. It can be chosen again and again, or can change over time as the individual decides.