About Us


Joyance Partners is a $20M venture capital partnership that invests in companies with the capacity to deliver, or contribute to the delivery of, Delightful Moments.

Delightful Moments are part of all human experience. They are the small, but powerful, separations from the daily humdrum. They are the moments when we feel a bit stronger, calmer, more joyful, more in control, and more in tune with the greater universe. Psychedelics. Meditation. Nicotine. Endorphins. The smell of vanilla. Massage. Jazz. These are all traditional sources for Delightful Moments.

Now, a range of new technologies has the potential to deliver these experiences. They vary from transforming the human (genetics, neurosciences), to creating new forms of human chemistry (personal pharma) to changing human circumstance rather than body (virtual reality).

These new technologies constitute powerful tech Vectors of Happiness.



Joyance Partners take a long-term view on how new technologies will develop and deliver Delightful Moments. We recognize how nascent new Tech Vectors of Happiness are, and so accept that we are likely to see many twists and turns as technology advances and world society continues its seemingly inexorable digital transformation.

We have five Areas of Investment Focus. We will examine our progress in each of these areas every six months and adjust them based on all the available information we can glean on where to find the greatest tech development in:

  • Emotion Detection. Determining how people feel and personalizing their experience accordingly.
  • Emotion Intervention. Creating positive feelings, diminishing negative feelings.
  • Emotion Creation. Evoking certain emotions or sensations.
  • Altered State.  Altering how people experience the world around them.
  • Altered Environment. Focusing not on changing the person, but on changing the context where the person is.


We see three fundaments for Delightful Moments:

  • Choice. A Delightful Moment must be something an individual chooses.
  • Change. A Delightful Moment brings about a notable change of state, in either the person or the person’s context. It is an experience separate from the norm.
  • Coherence. A Delightful Moment must be coherent, with a distinct beginning, middle and end. It is of a piece. It can be chosen again and again, or can change over time as the individual decides.